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This network is free to customers who have purchased the Seeds of Sustainability DVD and want to join a community of like minded folks to learn more about the Marche Method and evolve, learn, and share with each other on the journey!



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Welcome to the Seeds of Sustainability private Community Network. If you have landed here you have probably purchased the Seeds of Sustainability-The Marche Sprouting Method & Living Oils educational DVD and are ready to begin the journey of learning more about this program and participate in the expansion and refinement of the Marche Sprouting Method.

Registration If you have purchased the DVD, joining the Community Network is a simple 2 step process:

Step 1 - To the right is the 'Sign Up' link for you to register for access to the site.

Step 2 - Fill in the sign up form. Once you have registered your membership will be approved after the verification process. You will receive an email notification when you membership is approved and we look forward to meeting you on the other side!

We look forward to planting and growing the 'Seeds of Sustainability" with all of you!
In Sustainable Solidarity
SOS Team




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Welcome to the Seeds of Sustainability Community Network 1 Reply

  Hello and welcome! This community was created by the producers of the Seeds of Sustainability DVD to maximize value for our customers by creating a space where the many people from different…Continue

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Meet New S.O.S. Assistant Admin Erinn Ramirez!

Erinn Ramirez joins the SeThInk Media team and will be the new assistant admin for this community! …


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Food Inc.

Posted by Sprout Admin on August 25, 2012 at 5:30pm

EcoVillages as 21st Century Sustainable Community Model

Robin Marche, the discoverer of the no-rinse sprouting method, lived in a developing EcoVillage in the Arizona Desert when he made his discoveries.  His inspiration was born from a deep commitment to 'community' and the fact…


Posted by Sprout Admin on April 25, 2012 at 6:23pm — 1 Comment

Complete Guide to Growing and Using Sprouts

The Complete Guide to Growing and Using Sprouts is a great companion book to the Seeds of Sustainability DVD. One of its best qualities is all the great recipes, showing you how to utilize your sprouts for delicious meals that will have…


Posted by Sprout Admin on April 1, 2012 at 5:48pm

Seeds of Sustainability

FDA Sprout Scare – Little Green Monsters?

The FDA put out a mass ‘Don’t Eat Sprouts’ message due to contamination issues with big agri-sprouting suppliers and many folks contact us asking us if sprouts are indeed unsafe.  Although outbreaks of food-borne illnesses on sprouts have occurred with commercially grown and marketed sprouts, contamination of home-grown sprouts is rare. Alfalfa, clover and mung […]

Calfornia Homemade Foods Act AB1616 – Local Economy Booster

Locally grown and home cooked food is an important aspect in transitioning to more sustainable practices in communities.  Home grown, home cooked meals keep the economies local and support small businesses and families. AB1616 California Homemade Foods Act became law on January 1, 2013  that will allow certain home cooked foods to be sold to […]

Stop GMO Salmon Approval from Spawning

So unfortunately as most of us know, the Labeling of GMO’S in Prop 37 did not pass. The battle continues and we are still pushing to see GMO’S eradicated from out grocery stores and farms. We now bring you news right out of your favorite science-fiction novel… Genetically Modified Salmon, the first genetically modified animal […]

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Post 2012 - A New Beginning

2013 is Year One - Post 2012 - and what a better way to begin the first year of the 14th Baktun and the end of the 13th Baktun (144,000 days or 394.26 Tropical years) then to simply ask ourselves:  Now What?

The turn of the century and end of a millennium in the year 2000 heralded in an unprecedented amount of global chaos and naturally the order that arises from chaos.  The underlying theme to all of this global unrest and unification is 'sustainability' and how to create healthy systems for the future.  

The vision for the Seeds of Sustainability Education Series was birthed from our teams commitment to planting seeds for the future and we spent the year of 2012 team building and engaging in strategic planning around our short and long term goals.  This year will begin the 1st year of a '7 Year Leap' to 2020 and we will be producing a new and revised Seeds of Sustainability Vol I:  The Marche Sprouting Method as well as beginning Volume II:  The Path of Beauty edition to the series.  



Marche Method in Local News

SeThInk Media

7 Year Leap Agenda

Everyone has heard of the 7 Year Itch but this year is the beginning of what we are calling our '7 Year Leap' Agenda.  

Normal businesses have 5 year plans max and most also have 'exit strategies'.  But SeThInk Media is anything but 'normal' - after all that is our motto to 'Think Outside of the Box'....

All of the work we have engaged in since the year 2000 was part of the Y2K to 2012 Agenda (probably been awhile since you thought of the Y2K collective freak out yeah?) We have succeeded in all of our main foundation building efforts and we are excited to be moving into the manifestation stage of over a decades worth of social research and experiments within the sustainability movement.  

The information we were able to gather during that time is sufficient for us to proceed with the actual on the ground manifestation of a Low Impact Sustainable Development agenda and we will be documenting and releasing this process onto all of the online networks that we sponsor and manage.  

One of the benefits to having a long term plan is that through unbending intention it is inevitable that all the right pieces to a puzzle will come with time.  

The end goal for 2020 has always been helping to have established protocol and criteria for new zoning/building codes that allow for Low Impact Sustainable Development and building an EcoVillage Training Center that will serve as a viable model/prototype.  Everything we engage in has that vision at its core and we are so grateful to be walking this path with a multitude of individuals all over the world who have dedicated and committed their lives to parallel vision.  We are thankful to be beyond the noise of the 'end of time' and living in Year 1 Post 2012 Time Zone.  

In Sustainable Solidarity

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